Exportation Transactions

Exportation is selling domestic goods or products to foreign countries. It is possible to have a commercially successful process by selling goods to other countries. On the other hand, completing process about exportation transactions is very special to continue official processes successfully.

As Performance Customs Consultancy, we provide continuation of process with maximum performance while answering your demands. Besides we focus on quality on all phases and overcome obstacles. What are the important details about exportation transactions?

Preparation Phase of Exported Products

Preparation and manufacture of exported products are important processes. During this process, trademark or institution carries out its responsibilities in order to continue the process perfectly. While doing preparations, HS code is determined to be used in customs transactions. When preparation of product is completed together with some other preliminary preparations, the process starts.

İhracat İşlemleri

Exportation Preparation

Processes of exportation must comply with legislation. Otherwise it will not be possible to have high quality results. On this context, exportation of goods is completed when goods leave customs borders.

Common faults during exportation works are on determination of HS code and lacking documents. Both faults avoid execution of exportation. Besides this kind of faults create taxation problems and opens the way to some penalties. So we suggest you to consider all these issues and sign under top quality processes.

Can We Export All Goods?

Although exportation is a valuable factor for richness of a country, all products cannot be exported. You cannot export historical, cultural and natural products. Besides some products are prohibited by Turkish Republic to be sold.

If you are also dealing with exportation, you can contact Performance Customs Consultancy for the best solutions. You should do exportation with necessary controls for a quality process.

Exportation Processes with Performance Customs

Performance Customs Consultancy meets your expectations with its specialist personnel and quality oriented solutions. You can learn almost everything about exportation by contacting us. We aim to reach perfectness, and avoid possible penalty and noncompliances.

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