Fairs and Ata Carnets

Fair and Ata Carnets are very important concepts for importer and exporter firms. It is beneficial to explain the meaning of Ata Carnet in this scope.

What is Ata Carnet?

Ata Carnet is a customs certificate which provides execution of temporary importation and exportation without any other document in scope of international temporary importation contract and annexes between contracting states. Ata system is operated by the guarantor enterprises assigned officially in their countries in scope of Global Federation of Chambers and World Ata Carnet Council.

What are the Purposes of Ata Carnet?

International Ata Carnet system is founded to help individuals, customs authorities and organisations using temporary importation transactions. With Ata Carnet, and its international guarantee, importers and customs authorities do not need to carry out a different transaction for all goods during importation. Ata Carnets are prepared as simple carnet holder and can be controlled by customs authorities very easily. These factors demand time limitations for customs clearance for imported or exported goods in scope of Ata Carnets. Ata Carnet holders have the right to do temporary importation to more than one country in the validity period of carnets.


Transactions with Ata Carnets are very important and valuable for foreign trade. Ata Carnet transactions, preferred by a lot of firms recently, are carried out in scope of international Temporary Importation Contract. These transactions are among the best services provided by our firm. Ata Carnet transactions under international guarantee do not provide customs clearance for importation of all goods and products.

Advantages of Ata Carnet Transactions

There are various advantages of Ata Carnet transactions. The first one of these advantages is that this system helps persons, institutions, customs authorities and organisations during importation. Transactions are carried out easily with Ata Carnets which are under international guarantee.  In this scope, Ata Carnet transactions accelerate the process in customs. Finally we should say that there are more than one temporary importation and active parties.

Professional Services

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