Foreign Trade Consultancy

Foreign trade consultancy services provide necessary information to firms to do exportation. You can give top quality and perfect services in your activity area using advantage of foreign trade consultancy. Our firm gives professional foreign trade consultancy services. If you also want to benefit from professional and quality services on foreign trade consultancy, you are at the correct address. You can have professional and detailed information on this subject.

Importance of Foreign Trade Consultancy

Importation and exportation are very important for people and firms. Especially persons and institutions starting importation and exportation recently should benefit from foreign trade consultancy service in a professional and quality way.

Due to its geopolitical position, Turkey has got various underground and above ground sources. We can express that our country has an important place in the foreign trade too. Correct strategies should be developed in order to enter a new market even though service or products of a firm is locally successful in its sector. We give you professional and quality support to determine these strategies. We generally provide the following services to you:

Determination of the correct market is very important to release your products and services to new markets. An institutional attitude will make your firm gain professionalism.


Our firm gives various international trade services for importation and exportation processes. The primary purpose is to provide a successful and hassle-free trade operation to our customers far from risks and difficulties of international trade. Wide service range of our firm includes management and monitoring of standard trade operations and providing special services.

Scope of Importation Consultancy

  • Importation documentation control (including determination and control of EN Standards)
  • Determination of HS Code and regulation requirements
  • Cost analysis
  • L/C consultancy
  • Global product/service research
  • Market research
  • Local office installation for foreign investments
  • Supply chain management
  • Fair support

Scope of Exportation Services

  • Exporting documents
  • L/C consultancy (including preparation and control of documents)
  • Market research
  • Offshore marketing
  • Fair support
  • International Agreement consultancy

Professional Consultancy Services

You are at the correct address to benefit from professional foreign trade consultancy services. You only need to contact our firm and take a step to benefit from these services. Contact us for quality, cheap and practical solutions. We prove with our services that we promise more than quality.