Free Zone Transactions

Free Zone Transactions are quality solutions to complete free zone activities. Free zones in Turkish Republic provide some exemptions and add foreign trade more quality. As Performance Customs Consultancy, we answer your demands with the maximum efficiency.

What is Free Zone?

Free zone is an area where commercial, financial and economic rules of a country are not applied. Both industrial and commercial activities are executed with advantages here. Free zones are founded to solve problems during exportation and importation.

Accepted as exemption zones, free zones have special rules and it is necessary to apply for special solutions in these zones. On this context, you can sign under a perfect process with Performance Customs Consultancy.

Serbest Bölge İşlemleri

What are Functions of Free Zones?

Most important details about free zones can be listed under functions title. Activities carried out here increase profitability and sustainability to important levels. Functions of free zones can be listed as below.

  • To create an appropriate environment in order to bring technological developments and foreign capital to Turkey.
  • To ease entrance of raw materials and intermediate products necessary for production to country.
  • To produce with less costs due to incentive and exemptions,
  • To do transit trade of products which do not exist in Turkey easily,
  • To provide new possibilities on employment,
  • To carry out exportation transactions of Turkish goods easier.

You can have these advantages and reach quality and high standards in scope of Free Zone Transactions. You can also benefit from privileges of Performance Customs Consultancy.

Limits and Foundation of Free Zones

Presidential Decree is necessary to found and determine borders of free zones. It is impossible to found these zones randomly. Enlargement or abrogation of free zones is possible.

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