Temporary Importation Transactions

Temporary importation gives permission to bring goods to a country for a short time. It is beneficial for enterprises working on international dispatches as importation taxes are suspended completely or partly. There are different temporary importation types according to goods and reason of transportation. The best way to learn the correct choice is to determine whether your products will be returned with or without modification.

If you plan to export your goods without modification, you can use temporary importation, Standard Temporary Importation or Bonded Temporary Importation in scope of ATA Carnet. This method is practical for transportation of artworks to fairs, promotion materials to commercial fairs and sport equipment to competitions. If goods will be changed, processes or repaired in any way, you can use Temporary Processing procedure.

This can be practical if you carry parts to be mounted to a device, nuts to be removed from shells or equipment to be repaired. It is possible to benefit from importation services in a perfect way with temporary importation transactions.

What is Temporary Importation Permission?

Temporary importation permission or regime is a set of applications, and one of 8 regimes applied with Customs Legislation. Exemption from customs tax is possible with temporary importation permission which permits temporary dwelling of imported goods and products in Turkey. Partial or complete exemption can be possible in this regime.

Geçici İthalat İşlemleri

If products and goods which will stay in Turkey for a temporary period are in scope of exemption, they must leave borders before permission periods. The most important thing to consider during entrance and exit of goods to and from Turkey is that they must not be modified in any way. Goods must leave the country as they enter.


Features of Temporary Importation Permission

Temporary importation permission has got some features which can be listed as follows:

  • These goods must not have been imported to Turkey before and they must have foreign origin,
  • Imported goods must stay in Turkey only for a temporary time,
  • Goods can be partially or completely exempted in scope of temporary importation permission.

It is possible to import goods with these conditions and features. If you are going to take importation permission too, you can select the most appropriate one. Besides there are various exemption types. These exemption types are as follows:

  • Vehicles to be used for transportation purposes,
  • Personal goods brought by passengers,
  • Medical equipment sent to be used in emergencies,
  • Packing materials,
  • Samples,
  • Spare parts,
  • Accessories.

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