TSI Certification Applications

TSI certification applications are very special processes for a trademark or an enterprise. It is possible to continue trade processes in a more successful way with certification transactions which prove compliance to regulations of Turkish Standards Institute.  As Performance Customs Consultancy we want to support you with perfect and top quality processes!

You will have a stronger sales position with TSI stamp on your products. Besides competitiveness of a product increases in national and international markets. You can sign under a perfect process with our certification solutions.

T.S.E Belgelendirme Uygulamaları

Advantages of TSI Certificate

Turkish Standards compliance certificate will give you many priorities. It is important to take decisions on this issue by evaluating the details below.

  • Costs are reduced seriously and commercial volume increases,
  • It becomes easier to access national and international markets,
  • Products can be sold fast in markets,
  • Consumers trust your product,
  • Trademark value increases with reliable products,
  • It is possible to benefit from advantages both in public and private sector tenders.

You should act quickly for solutions on TSI certification transactions. Contact Performance Customs Consultancy for a perfect process and more!

How Are TSI Certification Applications Done?

For TSI certification, first it is assessed if there is quality control ability at the production site. If there is such an application, the next phase starts. Inspections and controls are done in order to determine if the plant / product is in scope of TSI. If the results are positive, TSI Compliance Certificate is given for 1 year. It is necessary to start renewal transactions before the deadline of this period. Otherwise it will be necessary to remove TSI stamp on products.

How is TSI Compliance Certificate Renewed?

It is necessary to maintain conditions for renewal transactions in scope of TSI certification applications. In other words characteristics of new applicants of TSI certification should be maintained in the second and following years. In case of a lacking or non-compliance, the stamp will be removed.

Performance Customs Consultancy gives the truest answers to your questions on TSI certificates. We also provide you top quality solutions. You can reach quality and practical choices by contacting Performance Customs Consultancy. You can sign under a perfect process with advantages of TSI.